Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{November 23, 2009}   SCSEP Programs

Once you become a Volunteer Manager, you take on many roles inside of that position. The one I enjoy is Job Training. Many volunteers come to the library in search of job experience, or a place to fill time on a resume in between jobs. That’s ok by me. We have several organizations come to us for job training and the one that I enjoy working with is the SCSEP program. This program stands for Senior Community Service Employment Program. When you sign on as a Host Agency, Seniors 55 and over are paid by a grant minimum wage to work (volunteer) 20-30 hours per week.

There is paperwork involved, reviews, safety conditions, time sheets, etc. But you set their tasks on a Community Service Agreement. It’s an awesome program where you have 1 consistent person coming in working on assigned tasks and being paid by a 3rd party. When positions become available, they can apply and if they are hired, the SCSEP agency will pay for that person depending on the agreement 6 weeks full salary or 12 weeks 1/2 salary. You’ve already trained them!

Working with the participants requires patience and empathy. Some have never worked before. I had a participant who was a stay at home mom for 35 years and needed to get out there and earn some money. No computer skills, no idea how to work. It’s rewarding and you’re helping people become job ready and they are in a safe, secure and familiar work environment. Consider being a host agency! You won’ t be disappointed!


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