Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{December 21, 2009}   Volunteers and Gingerbread

Our Library put on a Gingerbread House Competition. What better way to get participants then to include volunteers?

By getting volunteers to participate in library programs and events, it not only helps with statistics and numbers, but it also gets volunteers involved in a whole different side of library participation.

Volunteers come to us because they want to help or need something. I had community service volunteers build gingerbread houses as a project and they got hours for doing it. I had one young lady turn hers in and said it was the worst punishment that she could imagine!

Her’s fell apart, she had to rebake it, the roof caved in and by the time she turned it in, it was leaning toward one side! She told me that if she knew that she’d was going to do a gingerbread house, she would have waited until she was 21 to drink alcohol!

In the end, she enjoyed doing her task, we had one more house, and she participated in our event, helping with the display and judging as well.

Sometimes it’s not all putting books away, dusting or inventory. Involving volunteers in our books clubs, programs and computer classes are all great ways to increase numbers which help with our services.

Remember, be creative! Volunteers can help libraries in so many different ways. Think outside the box.


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