Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{November 8, 2010}   No Time Off For Volunteers…

I had a volunteer let me know that she wanted to take a little break from her volunteering that day.   She wanted to grab a book, put a salmon casserole in the oven and put up her feet for the afternoon. I told her to enjoy her day and we’d see her the next week.

On her way in to her apartment building, she was struggling with her books, keys and mail to get in the door. Her neighbors were gathering and wandering around but no one offered to open the door for her like they usually would have. When she finally made it in, she saw a smokey haze down the hallway and the neighbors all gathered around the apartment door where heavy smoke was beginning to billow out.

Dropping everything, she rushed to the apartment and saw flames leaping from the stove. She gathered the neighbors and started to herd them to the nearest exit which was down the hall by her apartment.  She rushed back to the fire and was followed again by the group of neighbors. As she herded them back toward the exit, she stopped and saw the fire extinguisher in the hallway. She broke the glass, charged the flames and put out the fire. She opened the sliding glass doors and allowed the smoke to clear. Herding the neighbors yet again, she had hoped someone had called the fire department. Hearing the sirens she knew things were under control.

This just shows that our plans can sometimes change in an instant! Since then, I haven’t lost her to the fire brigade or volunteer fire department, but when we chat,  I always question whether she’s sure she wants to take a little break from us again!


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