Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{November 9, 2010}   Master Gardeners

The Master Gardeners were here again today. Today they were working away at removing Invasive Honeysuckle on one of the library properties. A couple of months ago, they came and pruned our trees on another property.

The nice thing about having Master Gardeners in your area is they are always looking for opportunities to teach the public in the proper way of doing what they do. If you have an active group in your area and you are a non-profit, you can benefit greatly from partnering with this upbeat, positive and very knowledgeable group of gardeners.

When they came and pruned our trees, they trained our staff on the proper way to reduce sucklings, where to cut, where not to cut and the ins and outs of mulching. We had some probation work crews come down and help haul limbs. I, of course,  put my hostess apron on and had a big jug of iced water ready to go.

I’ve used their information to help with the pruning of my own trees in my own yard. They are a great organization and a great group to get to know and be involved in…they know their stuff~ They ain’t called “Masters” for nuthin’!


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