Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{November 10, 2010}   Who wants some “Mo”?

We offer a great service for volunteers who love to work with Therapy Dogs through the Delta Society that have become “reading listeners”.  Volunteers bring their certified dogs to the library and have 10-15 minute time slots that children read to the dog, petting them all along the way.

After the death of my Newfoundland, Sparticus, almost 2 years ago, I missed him but wasn’t really looking for another dog. Around Presidents Day last year, I was heading to the post office forgetting that it was closed. Across the street from the Post Office in my town is the Humane Society Shelter. On a whim, I popped in and started looking at the dogs. I started walking down the cages, Pit Bull, Hound, Chow, Newfoundland, Lab Mix…WHAT?? NEWFOUNDLAND???

I couldn’t believe it. Standing before me in all his big 140 lb glory was a Newf. I couldn’t bear seeing that bear in there so I snatched him up. After a 3 hour grooming at the Wash-O-Mat at Pets Supplies Plus I had him spic and span ready and dubbed him Fortunata Moses Vedosis~ Mo for short.

I thought, he’s so easy-going, I can make him a therapy dog and he can come to work with me and I’d start a program of my own called “Who wants some Mo?”. Let’s just ideas were not shared by Mo. He was happy to just lay around, but the test of passing a piece of lunch meat as we walked by was not as succesful….Big Fail.

The dogs that come in through the Delta Society are wonderful dogs and companion animals, and if anything I know from experience that they can leave a big ole hunk of salami alone when they walk by it. As for Mo, I read to him and pet him and talk to him all I want. I just love him “Mo and Mo” everyday!


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