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{November 19, 2010}   River Monsters and Bras for a Cause

I have a very large photo of Jeremy outside my office with a very very scarey looking fish. I love fishing and I love watching “River Monsters”. Nothing is more relaxing then enjoying a nice cold beverage, and dropping a bobbin and a hook on a cane pole Tom Huck style into a lazy river or calm, cool lake. Now mind you, I’m not a big fish eater. If anything, I’m a fish snob. Salmon, Albacore, Flounder are my main delights. The rest I just fish for the sport and toss it back. I’m a catch and release type of gal.

I do love my Jeremy though. It’s amazing that he almost never catches the “Monster” from his adventures around the world using his high tech equipment, but for some reason,  the native that is his guide can snag the “Monster” with a piece of bone and a yak tail hair.

All through the year, I have volunteers come in to my office and see Jeremy outside my office with his latest catch on my information board. They know I’m a fan. So when it was time to put together our Breast Cancer Display-Bras for a Cause, I had a volunteer who was able to support my hobby and the display all in one. She created the “Hook Me Up” Bra complete with hooks and lures galore.

Bras for A Cause is a National Movement where people, or volunteers , decorate bras to bring a fun and creative way to get people to  talk about breast cancer and the screening process. Our volunteers get 15 service hours in each bra that they create. We collect them throughout the year and put them in one big display in October. Some organizations auction them, hold 5k’s and display them and all the profits go to Breast Cancer. Since our organization can’t fund raise for another, we display them for educational and informational purposes with literature from the local women’s health pavilion.

I created my first bra in honor of my Grandmother. The Bali High Bra. A  pink bra with pink Hawaiian flowers. She loved South Pacific and I thought it would be neat to do that for her. Several years later, I didn’t expect my mom to get Breast Cancer. This way of displaying and talking about it all year long with volunteers has been very therapeutic and rewarding.

When the “Hook Me Up” bra came through my door, I couldn’t have been more pleased and happy!


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