Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{December 6, 2010}   The Breakup~when things don’t go so great~

I always talk about how wonderful volunteers are, but I’m not sitting here with my rose colored glasses on everyday. Every week we can mark down a few fails and a few epic fails.

It’s not all rewarding and peaches and cream. We have a few sour grapes, a few pundit odors and a few that are just totally just way way out there.

You’re going to run into issues with volunteers, but supervision and training is key in making sure that yes, they can make mistakes, but managers and supervisors need to be on top of it to correct them and make sure training is available.

Now don’t get me wrong, the volunteer on the staff computer who was looking at inappropriate sites, those cheating on their time sheet for more hours for service and the ones that feel they can bully or intimidate staff or do a better job are not tolerated!

Just because people volunteer doesn’t mean they can’t be reprimanded, terminated or just plain ole fired. They can and they should be when integrity, and the reputation that you worked so hard to build is on the line. How humiliating is it to say “I was fired from my volunteer job”. They aren’t going to say it, so to save face, sometimes, they may bad mouth your organization. With that said~

When terminating a volunteer, use words like “end our relationship”, “we’ve outgrown each other” or “it’s not a good match anymore”. They’ll know why but you’ll put them on the equal playing field to not say  negative things about your organization.

Provide hours already given and give them an opportunity to explain themselves. You actually may learn great information that you can tuck away for later and perhaps the next break-up.


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