Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{December 17, 2010}   out of the mouths of babes…

I finally picked up my Christmas Tree. Lowes was having a super-duper sale so I practically got my Frasier fir for free (try saying that 10 times fast). I even splurged on the $3.50 live wreath for my door. Very pretty and very fragrant. I dragged my find up to the register and out of her plywood and plastic fortress came a smiling bundled up customer service rep all geeked up to use the chain saw. She gave me a fresh-cut, bundled my tree in some netting and cashed me out.

As a true shopping diva for this go around, I used my debit card. Sue was commenting on how earlier in the day, a mom and her small daughter came in and purchased a small potted miniature tree for the little girl’s room. The mom’s plastic card was worn, scratched, the magnetic strip was shot and Sue had to hand punch everything in, making it for a very long experience at the cash register. Things were almost ready for total when out of the blue, loud and proud the little tot, in pink, with rosy red cheeks, white fake fur hat and mittens, all crisp and sugar-plum fairy-ish yelled out…


Sue said it was if time had stopped. Mom was mortified, the little girl was forced to apologize and Sue thanked them for their purchase and sent them on their way.

When Sue was telling me that story, we had the best little giggle. She asked if I needed help loading the tree into my truck. I politely told her no, and said “Thanks anyway, old lady.” We giggled again.

Kids…where do they learn this stuff??


Too, too funny! I love when the spirit of Christmas shines so brightly. . .

Rhonda says:

A great Christmas story!

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