Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{December 24, 2010}   home for Christmas…in my dreams…

I left work and had to run to the post office before I started some more errands, it is the holiday season and it wouldn’t be tradition for some if the rushing and stress wasn’t part of it. The rushing is part of what I do almost everyday, the stress of the holidays is something I try to keep to a minimum. I knew what I was mailing wasn’t going to get to their destinations until after Christmas, I’m even finishing up my seasonal cards today, focus on “seasonal”.

I’m not sure what the connection is lately to the Post Office and the Humane Society with me. If you have read one of my earlier posts, that’s how I found my Newfoundland Mo.  I’m the only one in the post office,  they all know me by name because I’m in there so often and we all hear a car alarm going off.  Outside is an elderly lady in her car, I go out to see if everything’s ok, but before I get there the alarm stops. I go back to the counter, then the alarm is louder, I go out to investigate again, she’s moved her car closer to the door. My over imaginative mind is thinking that maybe she’s having a stroke or needs help. She ends up driving away…bizaare enough, but before I can go back in to the post office I’m stopped by a frantic woman yelling if I had seen a dog. She’s in a van and has been circling the area. I yell out to her, what kind? who are you? Just in case I find it, I can return it to her.

“It’s an Alaskan Malamute, I’m a volunteer at the Humane Society and it broke free while I was walking it!” I immediately felt bad for her. She took off and  after I finished up at the post office I took a few extra side roads to see if I could find it. How horrible to be volunteering and do a good deed only to have the dreaded happen. So I’m going to let my over imagination step in on this one and find a happy ending for her…

Dave and his Malamute went off one day on a mushing adventure in the far reaches of Alaska. Tok was not only an excellent mush dog, but also the loyal family pet. On this particular day though, a bear came upon Dave and Tok as they were mushing through the woods, Tok immediately went to protect Dave and chased the bear far far away. Dave waited for Tok’s return but after several bitter cold hours, Dave realized that maybe Tok was a goner. The family was heartbroken. In this economy, of course, Dave was forced to move his family to the midwest for a job transfer. Having their first Christmas in a strange place in middle America, the family was struggling to adjust, but happy that there was a least snow where they moved. As for the Tok, he was picked up by Malamute rescue, sent from Humane Society to Humane Society and Rescue to Rescue where he too ended up in middle America and in that night air, as the volunteer was walking him, a scent caught his attention, was it Dave’s aftershave? Tok broke free, and on that very night, he ran up the porch steps and scratched and yipped until he was met with warm welcomes and hugs.

Tok was home for Christmas….


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