Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{December 26, 2010}   True Grit…

Taking some time off from my “do good, feel good” job, I really don’t have much to say this week about volunteers. Even though it is the holiday season where most people give and receive that are pure of thought and big of heart. I personally just needed a little break. So, on Christmas Eve, I treated myself to some “True Grit”.

I’m a huge John Wayne fan. Always have been, Always will be. I remember the headlines of my local newspaper on the day he died. I like the cowboy John Wayne. Sons of Katie Elder is probably one of my favorites because it has my other screen icon it in, Dean Martin (who passed away on Christmas Day as a matter of fact). I then would probably follow-up with Cowboys, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Alamo and of course…True Grit.  The “Soldier” John Wayne just makes me sad, Sands of Iwo Jima and Green Berets just makes me wish he didn’t meet the fate he did, then again, watching him portray the officer in Longest Day makes you want to help drag that cart he’s on even though he’s barking orders like he does in all his movies telling everyone to “saddle up” or the famous “we’re burning day light”.

When I heard of the True Grit makeover, I was skeptical. Then I read that the Coen brothers were going straight from the book, and that most had never seen the movie with John Wayne. So, Christmas Eve, I went, I watched and I loved it!

It’s not so much a remake, but the making of a very good western using the moving making skills and technology that we have today to make something good more up to date. No one can ever replace The Duke in how he played Rooster Cogburn, but now, looking at it, no one can now replace Jeff Bridges in his role and how he chose to play Rooster Cogburn. Both are excellent because both men are very talented and good at what they do.

When you go in to something with a broad mind and no prejudgment, it’s easy to really enjoy life a little bit more than you think… it’s actually fun to go after life using some “true grit”.


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