Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{January 3, 2011}   Gulliver’s Travels and Virtual Worlds…

I’m semi-addicted to virtual worlds. I have 4 going right now. Trade Nations, Virtual Villagers, Plant Tycoon and Fish Tycoon. I’m so bad I built in a part of my day to check them and tend to them. I use my Ipad to check on them when I’m even on the elyptical at my gym.

I want someone to create a virtual library now …where little people check out books and put them away and dust, volunteer and pay fines. I think I would be addicted to that even though I live it every day.

I went to a workshop a few months ago on social networking and it listed virtual worlds as one of the top 5 hot medias. I can totally see it. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to succeed and boss your own little world around? I can pick up my people and move them where I want. I can micromanage them, reward them, build houses, build cities, make millions of dollars. But…that’s where it ends. I don’t confuse my virtual with my real. I don’t use real money to buy virtual fish. I haven’t snapped that far…

A couple in Asia were so in to their virtual worlds, they didn’t feed their real baby and it died. Isn’t that odd? I was on the Science Fiction Channel over the weekend and watched a good part of the Twilight Zone marathon. Good stuff, but we’re not that far away from it all. What would I do if I was zapped in to Trade Nations?

…Maybe I’m in someone’s virtual world at the library and it’s already been created…some days it sure feels like it. Makes you stop and think sometimes, doesn’t it?


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