Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{January 20, 2011}   The jungle and a snort of booze

I’ve been in my office for about 2 years now, I’ve been moved around the library and found my way down to the ground level. It’s a beautiful office, lots of windows, a great view of the parking lot, Hardees and CVS across the street. I actually have  three very large windows full of Spider Plants, Christmas Cactus, and other vegetative succulents. I have a lot of oxygen and greenery that’s for sure.

I always get compliments on how great my office smells. I’m a lotion freak, an essential oil freak, a sprayer, a spritzer, a perfumer and a mister. It’s never one scent but I’m sure a combination of all of them. I should be a perfumer with how I mix and match everything but I think the one underlying tone has to be my Geranium plants.

These Geraniums have wintered in my office since I’ve been here. The three plants came to me from my Aunt Mary and were decorations on my Uncle Jack, Uncle Al and Aunt Mary Ann’s grave sites. They were so healthy and hearty that Aunt Mary asked me if I’d like them. Sure. I never turn down a plant, and could never turn down a family member. When the weather turned cold, I brought them in and took them to my office. Aside from not turning the pots in the window that first year, they thrived and grew and come spring I took them home and they stood watch on my front porch.

I talked to them every day. I called them by name and sent photos of them to my Aunt Mary on how the uncles and aunt were doing.

Last summer they got pretty dry and puny and weren’t responding to my care. I watered them but still nothing. I was concerned and called my sister.

“I have trouble in the garden” I said…

“Is it Uncle Al, Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary Ann?” she asked.

“Uncle Jack is dropping leaves, Aunt Mary won’t grow blooms and Uncle Al is not taking in water like he used to”

“Well, that’s your problem, you’re not giving them their favorite drinks, In all my days, I’ve never seen them drink water before…”

I thought for a minute and by God she was right…! I dashed a bit of beer into Aunt Mary Ann, gave a jigger of rum to Uncle Jack and tipped the bottle of  scotch Uncle Al’s way. All of their favorite drinks…

Before you know it..they were growing and thriving again. They were just thirsty…and not for water.


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