Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{February 2, 2011}   Black Cherry is free…!

I’ve always named my vehicles. Black Cherry got her name from the song from KT Tunstall. Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. After I had made the deal of a lifetime with that truck, I turned on the radio to ride her home and that song was on. I opened up the Sun Roof and sang it like I knew it and Black Cherry stuck. Not to mention, that Black Cherry Kool Aid is also one of my fave drinks, it was destiny.

We had another heck of a night again last night with the ice storm, so this morning, as I stood looking out my bedroom window, in my Pink Mama Uggs and jammies, I put down a bowl of shrimp alfredo from last night smorsgaboard and contemplated my attack on getting Black Cherry out of her iced tomb.

My neighbor to the left was digging out his truck that was plowed in. He rocked it back and forth and as he accelerated backwards, his passenger side rear few mirror crashed into the curb lawn tree. Ouch.

My neighbor to the right was using a snow shovel to break through the ice. In what looked like a successful dig, his shovel snapped in half and he toppled forward. Yowza.

With those two events happening within minutes of each other, the decision was obvious….I nodded, removed my Uggs, climbed back into bed, twirled a fork full of alfredo linguine, stabbed a shrimp, and began to virtual world on my Ipad.

The sun shined, the day moved on and I decided it was time to get out there and do this thing. Witnessing the frustration and hearing the angst of fellow neighbors cracking out their cars with hammers, mallets, picks and other very sharp angry tools, I choose to wield the tools that I know best.

With my furry pink hat and gloves, I emerged with several different kinds of spatulas and wooden spoons. The truck turned over with ease and I blasted up the defrost, front and back. I did have to shovel a little around Black Cherry’s tires, but all in all I let the defrost work its magic.  I scooped, I spatula-ed, I tapped and after two hours of intricate excavation, I un-iced my Truck like a woolly mammoth from my driveway.

Schools are closed again tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’m back to work or not, if so I’ll call in my volunteer forces and see what good we can shake up. I’m sure many of them may be suffering from a bad case of cabin fever, I’ll let them know we need them with a quick email and hope they’ve  been able to dig out and de-ice too.


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