Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{February 10, 2011}   an offer I couldn’t refuse…

“Nicky The Greek” came in to see me the other day. I call him “Nicky The Greek” because I admittedly do not make any attempt to pronounce his last name correctly. He tells me it’s Greek, he breaks it down into multiple syllables, I repeat it after him very slowly and when I go to speed it up, he raises his eyebrows in hopes that every attempt is better than the previous….which it is not.

I can count on a very large grin from him afterwards, his dark features and chiseled face all make it that much more entertaining for him and me when I call him “Nicky The Greek”. He likes it. He also does not fail to mention to me that he’s from Chicago at every opportunity. I’m sure if I needed someone’s knees cracked, having a “Nicky The Greek” in my back pocket may prove handy.

Nicky had a little trouble with the law and over a course of 4 visits I was able to set him straight onto the path of honesty and good intentions. This last visit I signed off on his probation for good and with that he gave me a big hug and said if I ever needed anything to just call. He told me I took good care of him and that he would make sure that nothing bad happened to me…

I gave him a big hug back and said…”Forgettaboutit….”


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