Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{February 22, 2011}   Women’s Prison Book Project

We received a very nice Thank You from an organization that we work with.

“…(I) in order to maintain my self-esteem and my wholeness, I read, and I read a lot. You have given me hope and positiveness to my plight here in prison. Women in all prisons need to know that people on the outside really do care and are thinking of ways to help us. Thank You”

You want to know what our volunteers did? They sent books to women in prison. There’s a clearing house in Minnesota and we box them up and ship them there and from there they sort and ship out based off of what the needs and desires are.

When I came across the organization online I was thinking more along the lines of  “Shawshank Redemption”, a library with a man and a crow on his shoulder, sharing books, knocking down walls, a listening center, people passing their GED’s.

Now, believe me when I say, I truly believe in and respect our judicial system. I have to…and if they are in prison, they must belong there and some for heinous crimes beyond mention but it is hopeful that literacy and reading go beyond walls and bars and book covers even if only to provide escape from reality.

We specifically only send Romance Novels. That’s our library’s gift to them. A Romance Novel has the key character grow and evolve and become independent and is loved and almost always, about 99% of the time ends with a happy ending.

When the books go out, I always think of Andy listening to Opera, or Tommy passing his GED from Shawshank. I’m going to think our books make a difference in those that are reading them and from this thank you letter, it most surely does…


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