Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{March 5, 2011}   you’re perfect…

I have a few things to say to all the teens who have come in to see me in the past couple weeks….

If you are coming to me for probation. You made a mistake…be patient. Think before you act! Straighten out and fly right and get out of the system.

If you are coming to me for school and college applications. Balance out your life…it’s not all about spelling bees and top schools sometimes.

If you are coming to me because you need a job…it’s a tough world out there. Look in to grants, aid and scholarships for college. Cut out spending…eat mom’s cooking and play some board games at home for crying out loud.

If you feel you’re different. You are! and that’s a good thing. So the “preps” took over your lunch table today…you are labeling just like everyone else. Embrace differences. It’s ok to have different likes and dislikes. It makes the world more interesting.

…and for my little friend that confided in me….it’s not your fault. No means No.

It’s tough being a teen in today’s world, please stop being so hard on yourselves…


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