Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{March 7, 2011}   life needs good tartar sauce…

Lent is upon us and with meatless days and acts of  “giving up” pleasures and temptations for 6 weeks until Easter is here we try to find hope, love and charity in not only “giving up” but also “giving”.

I love a good ole Micky D’s fish fillet sandwich. I think it’s the tartar sauce. I’m a saucy dippy type of gal anyway and if I don’t have the sauce for my nuggets or naked tenders, or cheese for my nachos, or dip for  my chips, what’s the point? I tried a BK fish sandwich and it just wasn’t the same as the Mickey D’s. Sure, I’ve been told it’s bigger, better, thicker, fishier…but it’s just lacking the tartar sauce….and with that comes the lesson of the day.

What’s your tartar sauce? What’s the one thing that makes or breaks a deal for you? a hug? a kind word? a thank you?

The fish sandwich itself is obvious, but it’s the tartar sauce that makes it for me. That’s the detail of the sandwich. I like to look past the obvious and concentrate on a few of the details. I have a co worker who is a little thin on the top, but he has the most adorable curls around the bottom, I always compliment him on his curls. It’s makes his day.

When I went through the BK window to get my sandwich, a gust of wind blew up and the chic in the window told me that I smelled good. Wow. Fighting off the BK broiler, she got a slight whiff of my Burberry? How awesome was that? Even though my sandwich didn’t have good tartar…she gave me some good tartar in a different way.

I’m always spreading the tartar around for my volunteers. I notice everything and listen to everything and follow-up. How’s your grand baby? How did your dr. appointment go? Here’s a book you might enjoy…!

It’s all genuine and real. Tartar sauce can spoil if you don’t keep it fresh. It can smell and get ugly if you neglect it. You can’t be spreading bad tartar…it’s better not to have any at all in that case.

Granted we’re encouraged not to sweat the small stuff, but it’s also the small things in life that mean the most. Can we do without the tartar? Sure…but it sure does add to a make a good fish sandwich…







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