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{March 15, 2011}   left handed people are in their right mind

How ’bout that? A new study came out that Parrots tend to be “left handed”…or “left clawed” to be more accurate.

My office mate is left-handed, as a matter of fact, at one time in the hey day of our department,  4 out of 5 of my department colleagues were left  handed, I was the lone righty.

They seemed to want to make a big deal about this Parrot study. Before I get in to that, let’s take a look into the world of left handedness…

  • 10% of the population is left handed
  • There is a $1,000 scholarship offered by Juniata College in Huntington, Pennsylvania for left handers
  • Left Handed Knitting is one of the hottest searches on google
  • E-bay has the best selection of left handed items in one area
  • You can enable the Lefty Switch, by going to controller options or controller settings on Guitar Hero
  • Einstein was left handed
  • Bambino, Lefty, Southpaw are all nicknames for left handed people

So..let’s get back to the parrot. The study went on and on about how parrots that were left clawed were incredibly verbal and creative. They used their left claws to eat fruit, scratch, preen and claw at others.

There was lots of debate and discussion when this came out. Because the birds weren’t really “left-clawed” dominate. They used their stronger claw, their “right claw” to hold on to dear life to the branch they were on. You know, if I was dangling from a tree, I’d use my right hand, since I’m right handed, and grab my banana or whatever with my left. It makes sense…

The lesson learned…be careful when you “read” the latest studies, right brain or left brained, one can always interpret them as they wish.


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