Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{March 16, 2011}   taking the ME out of America

I’m not usually at a loss for words when it comes to my meetings with volunteers. Back in the day,  instead of being speechless at inane comments, I would debate, attack or work myself up into a lather, holding strong to my convictions and opinions, but as of late, I’ve just sat back and listened, in awe of what’s spewing out of people’s mouths. I must be a grown up now, listening more than ever, trying to understand and comprehend what’s making people tick…either that or I’ve just become so entertained, I don’t want to interrupt!

Recently, I had someone come in to my office looking for resume help. I provide resources for job training and job searching, but I’m not going to do it for them. By refusing that, I started off very poorly with this individual. It didn’t get any better considering that she was a walk in, didn’t have an appointment and I was interrupted 2 or 3 times by others who did schedule time with me as she sat in my office. Things got progressively worse as she continued to tell me that she wants to work for the new casket making company coming to town where starting wages are $26 per hour, but she wasn’t sure how she would be able to work with “dead people”.

hmmm….I tried to explain that she would be building the caskets. The dead people would probably come later, after the caskets were built. She went on to tell me that since she was a minority, a woman, had a medical condition, and a 6th toe, she should be hired by them.

I’ve been through a few interviews of my own, and I’ve never been asked if I had a 6th toe. I’m not sure that’s even on the legal list of questions. Which made me wonder about the resume…where would you put 6th toe? Accomplishments? Achievements? Some of the jobs I interviewed for I never got…so it now makes me wonder if it was because I only had 5 toes each foot. How disappointing that I never had the nerve to ask or even mention if there was a 6th toe requirement.

The sense of entitlement was strong in my office that day, my friends. I sat entertained by such odd conversation, but a big part of me wanted her to pick up that 6th toe and leave. In the end, she did, with a calendar of our free classes to help her with making her own resume.


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