Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{March 26, 2011}   Neti pots and other goo…

I can’t wait when Deb comes in to volunteer. She’s my “Vincent Price” of volunteers. We can sit for hours talking about goo, gunk, body parts and other odd human body anomalies. There was a book that came through to the Friends of the Library book shop about surgery that we could barely put down.

Live photos of organs, the brain, liver, spine. It was utterly, gory-ily, amazing. When Deb had a ganglion cyst removed, she asked to have it saved so she could see it. We talked in length about Neti Pots, and encouraged those around us in the shop to use one, no details were spared on what a Neti Pot is or what the end result may entrail….I mean entail.

The funny thing about Deb is that she is the most adorable, tiny, fashionable, smart and fun loving person you’d ever imagine; not to mention extremely intelligent and patient. But, at the first mention of ingrown toenail or boil and hive and she’s all over it. Like a ranting, crazed lunatic, she’ll go on about puss and infection as if it was no more than a “how do you do?”.

We were in mixed company the other day (meaning the horrific and the squeamish) and had to curb our discussion on the finer points of  the “neti pot”. The funny thing was that before we talked about the goo and guts of the remnants of the neti, we may actually have sold someone on buying and using one.

… was all for good, we just want to “help” 🙂


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