Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{April 18, 2011}   worn out…by others!

Call it genetics or nature vs. nurture but my sister and I seemed to have the same week last week. My sister may live three states away, but we make sure we talk at least 2-4 times a week. I called and I told her I was done last Thursday, that I was closing up my borders like Arizona, that I had enough of the take, take, take and and the need, need, need. I thought I was going to get sympathy. I wasn’t expecting the “one-upping”.

For every time I was venting about the lack of respect and common courtesy I was receiving at work, she one-upped me on what she was getting at her work. For every time I was venting about the neediness of my clientele, she one-upped me on what she was getting from hers.  I thought I had her when I started in with my co-workers but I didn’t even get to launch my first grenade before she stopped me in mid sentence. She said one word and I was silent. “MILTON”

I had heard about her “Milton” for about 8 months now. He had not been feeling well and so staff put out a money jar for collections for him to cover expenses. Then staff had decided to collect gift cards for him. Then staff decided to donate vacation days to him. They had Pig Pickin’s and Pancake Breakfasts, and dinners and get together’s. My sister was up to her elbows in emails about Milton.

If more people put their efforts into their work as they do for Milton, work would be so much better, she’d say. People’s work and focus slacked, sucked by the energy of saving “Milton”. On Thursday, she had trumped my co-worker ace. I knew I was “had” when she said “Milton”.

Alright, you win, what’s up with Milton. My sister had informed me that she was in a meeting when her co-worker announced that she was giving one of her kidneys to Milton. My sister was shocked. Dumbfounded almost. Everyone was hugging the organ donor, telling her how blessed and gracious she was and my sister just sat there, in shock. It troubled her.

Now don’t get me wrong, my sister is a very caring, compassionate and sharing person, but enough is enough. At what point can 1 sacrifice affect the team. All my sister kept thinking about was all the meetings this co-worker had missed, had blown off, had “forgotten” about which had caused my sister more and more work. My sister had had it. She indeed was “done”. Stick a fork in her.

I told her she had to be strong and make sure before her co-worker went on medical leave for Milton, that she had tied up all loose ends on projects that connected her with my sister. I told her to send her an email and ask for some time to devote to finishing up projects, heck, she was only asking for time, it’s not like she was asking for a “kidney”.

I’m all for organ donations, but I’m pretty selective on who I’m sharing my organs with while I’m alive. She totally one upped me on that one. I may have some issues going on at work, but so far, no organ procurement party invitations have crossed my desk.

I can only hope this week is better…for both of us! 🙂


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