Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{May 1, 2011}   A Princess Party…

A couple of the volunteers from the Friends of the Library Bookshop got together to watch the Royal Wedding. Our gal from Liverpool who used to listen to the Beetles at a pub around the corner on her lunch break from her work, invited a few gal pals over to watch the nuptials at 5:30 am. She had purchased tiaras for all who attended. Every girl is a princess.

I was invited but decided that I would watch the recap. I got up back in the day for Diana and since then I realized that new technologies have been invented and I wouldn’t miss a thing via dvr, tweet, internet and cable television choices and I could still get my own beauty rest…since I am a princess in my own mind.

I like to see volunteers do things outside of work, you know that relationships are being built and cultivated and nurtured. People are making friends. I like that.

I have made some good friends as well in my own volunteer endeavors. I sit on a board of directors for a non profit group and am the vice president. The president, recording secretary and treasurer are all super cool, and refreshingly we all know what we are doing and seem like we are going to do it very well! It’s like the perfect storm of executive members!

We’re all professionals but I know we can all princess up when needed. I’m going to stash some tiara’s just for us and break them out during one of our meetings. We don’t need a royal wedding to be a princess. Princesses do charity work and volunteer too.

I can only imagine how the princess party went on Friday. Lots of tea and scones I’m sure. I’m happy for Kate and William and happy that they brought together a small party in the midwest to celebrate friendship and good wishes.


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