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{May 5, 2011}   Mail Merge Nightmare!

Aren’t computers supposed to make our jobs easier? I have been struggling with doing labels in a mail merge for almost an hour. I dug in and was bound and determined to figure it out. I asked for help, I asked google, I called co workers who I had hoped had used it but the ones that I know use it are not here today!

I have about 24 volunteer applications that I want to send a post card to to let them know that I have their application, and what the process is from here…just a little thanks for wanting to help us, just a little we know you are out there and we’ll be in touch postcard…but I can’t figure out how to put a mail merge label on the darn thing!

It’s frustrating, but how?…oh…hello…there’s a pen…! How do I use one of those things? My hands are so used to typing, texting, swiping and touching that I’m not sure they’ll be able to form around a pen enough times to hand write 24 addresses…

Could I actually be giving a “thank you” post card a human touch? What a concept. Maybe my mail merge ignorance was meant to be…


Technology can be very frustrating at times and I can relate to that but have no idea how to help you with the mail merge thing involving those labels. I hope that things work out with that.

The pen can be your best friend. Writing 24 postcards would give it a very personal touch, which makes a huge difference in letting applicants know that someone did take the time to receive and check out their application.

Sending 24 isn’t that bad when compared to planning large events. Imagine what brides go through when they have to send out like 160 or more thank you notes, announcements and invites. Yikes! LOL.

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