Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{May 8, 2011}   Happy Muddah’s Day

A friend of Nicky the Greek came in on Friday. Nicky had told  him that I could “hook him up” on some community service hours. I told his friend, Dino, that I could indeed help him meet his required service hours and to proceed in filling out the application. As Dino jumped through my hoops, I asked him how Nicky was doing.

Dino immediately dropped his pen and grabbed at his smart phone and started swiping.

“Nicky, it’s Dino-yous wouldn’t believe where I’m sittin, yep, she’s right here-”

Dino hands over the phone to me, it smells of Drakkar Noir, cigarettes and tagliatelle, heavy on the garlic.

“Hello? Nicky? Nicky the Greek? How are you? You staying out of trouble?”

“Yeah, my screens are clean, the baby’s due in the summa, and I’m workin’ steady. Life is good, chu know?…take care of Dino, he’s a good boy and he’ll do good work for chu.”

“Ok, well take care of yourself and let me know when you have the baby.”

I could only imagine that his baby would come out looking like him, grown up style, with eyebrows for days, and a continual 5 o’clock shadow, even if it was a girl.  Before I handed the phone back over to Dino, I made sure I told Nicky to pamper his lady friend on Sunday. Even though she hasn’t had the baby yet, she’s still a mom.

“Yeah…right, tanks. I always treat her like a princess, but I’ll do it extra on account of it being Muddah’s Day. All Muddah’s should be treated like princesses on Sunday…”

I woke up this morning. Stretched and smiled….and said to myself…

“Happy Muddah’s Day, Princess!”

Tanks Nicky the Greek.


I’m in the pool for Nicole, Nico, Nick, Nino, Nina, Dominique, Dominick, Dino, Dina, any variation of Gina, Gino, Lola or Sophia.
Bzzz on Beebee!

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