Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{May 11, 2011}   …it’s all good…

If Nicky the Greek was up for Prom King of his Probation Classes, I’m sure he’d be voted in. He has been my top referral over the past several months. I can’t help to wonder and think about one of his classmates though, and although Kevin has finished his service with me long ago, I can’t help but think of how his life is and how he is.

Kevin’s son is 11 and has Trisomy 10, a pretty bad case of it as a matter of fact.  Kevin and his wife divorced about 6 years ago split custody of their 2 children, with the daughter that doesn’t have any special needs going to his ex and his son being cared for by him. It’s pretty stressful being the constant care giver to his son, losing his job, having to move in with his  parents, and no time for yourself so out he went on a rare night to cut loose and relax at the encouragement of his parents, he had one too many drinks and before you know it, found himself sitting next to Nicky the Greek in an alcohol class.

Kevin’s son had surgery recently to fuse his spine because of a bad curvature so I called Kevin to just check in. I signed off on his paperwork, and he still has a long way to go with his probation, but he had sat in my office and told me his life story and I listened like I cared. Now understand…I’m not wanting all these people I meet to embed into my life, but there has to be some sort of connection and follow-up in the kindness of the human spirit.

He was happy and thankful for the chat. I’m sure I won’t ever talk to him again unless our paths cross by chance, but I wanted to let him know I remembered about the surgery and wanted to make sure all was good on my end with his probation and to “hang in there”.

Sometimes we just need someone to say..”’re doing ok…things will be fine.” It can mean a world of difference.


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