Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{May 13, 2011}   Feeding Frustration

Friday the 13th? I laugh at you today!  I’ve had drama drama drama all week at work and home and today I just wanted to throw a cold rag on my forehead and call in sick.

Instead, I turned my frown upside down and headed in. I tried to steer away from the bombardment and scrolling of long email conversations that people seem to get all involved in and decided not to reply to anything that was beyond rational. I did forward one here or there with a couple questions like “For Real?”, but after a while, even that seemed to involve negative energy so I stopped altogether.

My stress level was high so my frustration was high so it became the perfect storm to eat fast food.  So, I decided to go across the street to grab me a sausage/egg biscuit from Hardees. I walked out the entrance where the lilac bushes are and just inhaled and instantly felt better. While at Hardees, I ordered the #2. I waited and waited. I saw the biscuits in the little tray and just didn’t get why the wait. The guy at the counter finally yelled “Thickburger with Fries….#2?…. isn’t this you?”

I said, I wanted a sausage/egg biscuit. The breakfast #2. Well, I guess there is a 2 hour lap at Hardees where the breakfast and lunch intermingle. The clerk said, well, I guess I know what I’m having for lunch as he shoved my breakfast into a bag…the manager quickly went over to him and grabbed my bag and the other bag and put them in a bigger bag.

She said with a smile “Here you go, breakfast and lunch all at the same time!”

Wow! It was either my lucky day or the Hardee’s star was feeling my frustration hunger.

I’m going to go that it was my lucky day 🙂


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