Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

{May 29, 2011}   Helping others can be a “snap” or not?

About 3 miles from my house, buried in some tall trees and vegetation is a small graveyard, with civil war vets and other vets buried there. A scouting group that I know of is righting the headstones with cement and sand, clearing the debris and marking the grave sites on the web for genealogy buffs to find ancestors.

Of all weekends, I thought today might be a good day to check on their progress and show my support. The road to the graveyard runs along side a rather large creek that feeds into a river that runs through town. It’s winding and has quite a bit of trees and bushes along the road. With all the rain we’ve had everything seems extra green, and with all the storms we’ve had, there are lots of sticks, limbs and debris scattered along the road.

My love and I were driving toward the graveyard when we saw something strange up ahead…it took a while for us to figure where it fell in the animal, vegetable, mineral category. It was a rather large turtle and it was trying to cross the road…

My love slowed to a stop and put on the hazzards. I jumped out and began to find a way to assist it in it’s journey without it becoming road splat. It looked like it had just begun it’s journey, trying to cross to the other side. I wondered how I could help it along. It was pretty big and looked pretty heavy. I tapped its back end with my foot and it scootched a little faster. I thought that might be the way to do it, so I took my foot again and tried to move it along another foot. Out of no where, it’s head stretched out which seemed to be 5 feet long and its jaws with it’s pointy snapping mouth started snapping. It spun around on a dime, jaws open, neck extended, eyes beady…!

We did a stare off for what seemed like an eternity. It spun around again, snapped at me extending it’s powerful jaws as if to say, “I dare you to kick my butt again…”

As if I had just robbed a bank, I ran back to the vehicle and shouted “DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!” My love floored it, swerving to miss the sharp jaws as it lurched for our tires…

About a 1/2 hour later, on the way back along the same road, it was no where in site. I’m sure it made it, I have no doubt that it made it…


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