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{May 31, 2011}   Blogathon 2011

Well, this is it. I’ve blogged for the whole month of May. 31 days of posts and letting you in to my weird little world more then I ever thought I could or would.

Being able to post entries and stories every day was a commitment. Something I haven’t under taken in a long time. Starting and finishing something. Setting myself to making sure I follow through,  I’ve signed up for the blog- a-thon and by hook or by crook I’ll see it through to the end.

Why can’t I be that with so much other stuff in my life? I’m going to take this experiment in blogging every day and add it to something else in my life. I think for June, I’ll Bike-a-thon. I’m going to make a commitment to ride my Wicked Witch of the West bike (or my 10 speed Schwinn Caliente) every day. Rain or shine. Heat or Humidity. If I can Blog every day, I can bike everyday…

Don’t miss me too much in June. Just imagine that if there’s not a post…I’m biking…



Ros Demaree says:

Congratulations on sticking to it! I fell back about halfway through the race so I do admire your commitment. What a great idea to take this the next step and make another a-thon plan for this month!

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