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{June 21, 2011}   Biking=Freedom

I’ve been away from you quite a bit this month because I had committed to biking every day in June, remember? I had swallowed more bugs than I thought could be good for the human digestive system, but I persevered until…well, let’s just say I was doing really well, by myself, until my love asked me if he could bike along. He biked me what seemed to be over 15 miles of hills and valleys…he pushed, he taunted, he raced, he coasted, he went ahead, he lagged behind (and made comments), and to say the least, he killed my fun of biking. I haven’t been on my bike since that day and wonder when and if I will be on it again…

Now, that doesn’t mean I still don’t like the bike. Just last week, I had a young teen volunteer come in to visit me with his mom. He had done some required community service for us at the library and actually really really liked it. He doesn’t have that great of a home life and I chatted with him and his mom and told him that even though his required service is done, he can still escape to the library. He told me it was pretty far to walk to and he didn’t always have a ride to get there.

“You are young! Just hop on your bike and ride to the library!”

“My bike is all busted up, its bent and I can’t fix it.”

“If I got you a bike, would you get out of the house and away from all the fuss and the video games and ride it to the library?”

“Yeah..but how you gonna git me a bike?”

“I know lots of people, and if I don’t know them, I will find them…you’d be surprised how there are good people out there in the world… Would you ride it for good and not use it for evil? Like havingĀ  super powers?”


“OK…I’ll call you later and let you know what I find out…”

Even his mom seemed surprised. After we worked out the conditions of HER community service, I sent them on their way and hit the internet. I had wanted to rent a tandem for me and my love (before he was the fun killer of bike riding) a couple of weeks ago on one of the bike trails through town and had stumbled upon a link to a non-profit that supplied bikes to kids that didn’t have any, couldn’t afford any or were in need.

A simple email sent, 20 minutes later, a simple response sent back… “ABSOLUTELY!” and through conversation, I think I even made a new friend. “Everyone has a story to tell and should have a bike to ride.” She told me. In two days, there will be one more bike rider. We are going to pick it up on Thursday.

He was very very happy…very surprised…but very happy.

People are good.


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