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{November 12, 2009}   Operation Paperback

I have lots of volunteers who need hours for whatever reason or just want to be part of something but are limited in time, transportation and child care. I found a great way to incorporate volunteers from home with all the used paperbacks that we withdraw, or our Friends of the Library bookstore just doesn’t have room for or has too many copies. Operation Paperback is an organization that collects gently used paperbacks which are packaged and sent overseas to our troops. I’ve signed up our library to be a volunteer collection and shipment center for these books. Through the library volunteer’s efforts we’ve sent hundreds of books to Iraq, Afghanistan and the hospitals overseas in Germany. Volunteers are selecting and shipping books, withdrawn books are being recycled and we are supporting our troops on a global level. Who doesn’t like to get a package from home? For information on Operation Paperback, check out their website at


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