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{May 20, 2011}   Planking…

I’m not going to turn it in to a volunteer activity or anything, but I must admit that I am intrigued with the latest craze called “Planking”. First off, planks are probably one of the most difficult core exercises I’ve done. In both my spinning classes and my boot camp, several hours ( seems like hours) are devoted to the plank. So why anyone would plank for fun is beyond me.

But, it seems as of late, that planking has moved beyond fun and into the more dangerous and deadly. Planking off a moving car? Planking on balconies 7 stories high?

Let’s keep planking a little closer to the ground and a little less dangerous. Teapotting seems to be the next craze, created by 2 teachers who were using it as an example of how strong the social media is. This version of “teapotting” is standing in front of various places and striking the “I’m a little teapot, short and stout” pose and snapping a photo.

You won’t see me “planking” on a stack of books here at work, but I must admit, I do give the guy planking on the camel humps snaps for most creative.


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