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My dad always told me that if a meeting started at 10:00 am and you get there at 10:00 am, you are late. I had a program set for 5:30 last night. 8 Daisy Girl Scouts  were coming to do a community service project. I confirmed with the Daisy leader and told her I’d see her at 5:15. 5:30 rolls around and she and her daughter stroll in, the others usually don’t get to the meeting until 5:45, I was told.

Around 5:40 ish..I began to stew so I asked the Youth Services Librarian to select a good book about cooperation and respect (NOT FOX IN SOCKS!). I pre read it, it was perfect. Respecting others, helping others, cooperation, all the good things that just seemed to  apply to what was happening.

6pm rolled around and the leader kindly informed me that I could go ahead and start my program because the other 2 in the group were  in their car and on their way so it would be another 15 minutes before they got there. I gave a forced smile and as all the parents and kids were seated around me, launched into my reading. As I was reading, and was on the part of following instructions and listening, not only did the late comers arrive sooner then expected, they arrived as if nothing was happening. No quietly slipping in…not these daisies. Girls squealing and hugging, running up to each other, parents chatting, catching up and talking about the traffic, the day, someone’s taking online classes, what was being made for dinner? For real?


I may have read it a little louder then usual, but there was silence and all eyes were turned toward me. I continued, “Neighbors often cooperate by taking care of things in their neighborhood…”

The parents moved out of the story area and I was able to continue my reading, hand out the junior volunteer badges and assign the girls the tasks of shelving simple board books.

Daisy’s are my favorite flowers… always have been, always will be so I’m not going to let this type of  “daisy” ruin it for me, but they sure had me walking away wilted.


{March 11, 2011}   Fox in Socks…

“Fox in Socks” is the worst story ever written.  The other night, I met with a group of daisy girl scouts and we talked about the importance of volunteering, I gave them little junior volunteer badges, had them shelve board books, we took a tour through circulation, I had them work the conveyor belts, we went downstairs into our secret lower level we have for expansion and back up to our meeting room.

20 minutes left…ugh! The troop leader engaged them in conversations about what their favorite books were. So many great books and stories that I’ve never heard of…something about your momma being a llama…a chic named Junie B. Jones, something about cowboys….and my favorite Amelia Bedelia…

I snuck out and asked the librarians what would be a good book to read to the girls to kill some times…they had a Dr. Seuss display so I grabbed 2 books. Wocket in my Pocket and Fox in Socks. Melissa said, Fox in Socks…for sure…!

Ok…I trusted her, I figured she knew what was up…I grabbed it and ran in to the program room. Little did I know that Melissa must have hated my guts. Who would recommend that book to read to 15 daisies if they didn’t like you…

My mouth grew numb, my brain hurt, my eyes began to twitch….

That book was horrible, sir

Deplorable, sir

despicable and diabolical, sir

…and so was Melissa for suggesting it and then grinning when I came out all in a fluster, hair straggly and eye’s bugged out. She’s on my list…she better beware, sir…

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