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{November 17, 2011}   Library Diva’s checking out…

In another week, I’ll cease managing library volunteers and begin my new duties in managing volunteers who assist the elderly.

It’s been a good run. 5 years of crazy stories as you may have read and 5 years of smiles and frustration but a good 5 years none the less.

I’ve always been a helpful diva. Just enough selfishness to make sure I’m good to go, but a lot of giving to help those who’s just had a bad hand dealt to them.

I’m ready, willing and able to help our elderly population. Life is hard enough and when we can make it into our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, they are going to need this diva to help ease their burdens. Heaven only knows I’ll be there one day hoping someone will be able to ease mine!

For those that are visiting this blog, please continue to enjoy these little stories and snippets of my days as a Library Volunteer Manager, and for those that may miss the diva and all the antics that may seem to follow her, look for my new blog soon.

Haven’t decided on the name yet, but I’m sure “Senior Diva” will be in the title somewhere 🙂

Cheers~ Thanks for reading! Time for a Martini!


{December 13, 2010}   mind your manners…

I had timed out my break perfectly. I ran my errands, hit the bank and post office and was going to run in to a Subway to do my  lunch at my desk and finish up a project.  I whipped my truck into a parking spot, grabbed my cash money and hopped out only to see ahead of me an elderly man and woman skootching their way out of their car and begin shuffling their way to the door. If I kicked it into high gear, I could hurdle the parking block and hit the door long before they even stepped onto the sidewalk.

The wind was blowing and she stopped to adjust her hat and scarf. He grabbed her by the arm and together they clung to each other as not to fall. I could be inside, ordering, and still on schedule, but I couldn’t do it. I hustled over to them and asked if they needed any help, opened the door for them and allowed them to go in before me. They looked shocked but were thankful.

Once in I actually had a split second where I thought I could get ahead of them and place my order, get my fixin’s and get the heck out…they looked at me and I smiled and felt my arm extend and the words “Please, go ahead” come out of my mouth.

It was almost an out-of-body experience, my brain was thinking almost the total opposite of what my actions were.  I was glad though. I took a breath and thought “Oh well…~ let’s roll with it.”

All those lessons of youth. Respect and assist your elders. One day I’m going to be an elder and I hope that someone will come to my aid and assist me, or at least remember their manners, whether its running in to a deli or somewhere else.

No one should be in that much of a hurry that they forget their manners.

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