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I sent a call out today to staff and our volunteer pool. One of our non-profit organizations in town needs volunteers for events they are involved in next week and they need them fast! For events like these I always send out a notice to our volunteer pool and staff. If they get even 1 or 2 responses, it’s 1 or 2 more than they had before.

Putting events on, a list serve or your website is common practice, but sometimes we just don’t get the draw that we had hoped which is where direct contact through sharing is very successful.

I make it a practice to always let our volunteers know that I’ll send them an email when opportunities come available with us and with others. When sending an email u can use undisclosed addresses or blind carbon their addresses to ensure their privacy.

Remember that it’s ok to share volunteers and resources. Volunteers select the organization they like based off of their interests, but they don’t always have that single-minded interest. Lots of volunteers like to give to multiple agencies, have friends that they can refer, or resources of their own.

You are not sabotaging your organization by promoting other agencies. One day, your organization may be the one that needs help and sending out the S.O.S. can only strengthen the bonds of non-profit sharing and resources.


{November 24, 2010}   Giving Thanks…

I saw one of our most loyal and dependable volunteers today, it was about  a month ago that Marie’s husband passed away. He was 92 years old. She may be in her 90’s as well.

On the day before Thanksgiving,  I always think of the people who have lost someone, who are struggling or who are just lost and wonder how they will spend their day. There always seems to be the people who are scrambling to have that perfect Martha Stewart dinner, others decide to have their families work at a soup kitchen, while others just do what they always have done  not fussing or striving for anything out of the ordinary.

I asked Marie how she plans to spend tomorrow and she said like she always has, at the Country Buffet. Her husband didn’t like all that traditional fuss and where can you take a group of people who can get what they want but the local buffet restaurant.

For me it’s all about family and spending time with them. I remember my job when I was little was to spread the cream cheese on the celery and dash the paprika on it. I think it was just my job to stay out-of-the-way but I was a master at it. If you are cooking at home, Martha Stewart or not, make sure you have lots of volunteers engaged in the day with lots of simple tasks. The more you get people involved, the more they will make a memory of it.

However you choose to spend your holiday, remember there is always something to be thankful for even if it’s just a memory.

{November 26, 2009}   A Volunteering Volunteer Manager

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