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{May 30, 2011}   Holah Guacamolah!

I was making my famous guacamole for the usual family cook out today and with my herbs in full throttle out in the yard thought I’d do a little caprice salad and salsa as well…

Coming in and out of my kitchen door to snip and snap off chives, parsley, green onions,  basil and oregano my neighbors across the way, through the two houses behind me caught my eye. How they caught my eye I’m not sure, when I’m home, I melt into my own little world. My own little place of seclusion, like my office at work. I’m rather shy and quiet, easily turning it on when I have to in regards to being social, or getting upset, but almost always resorting back to my own quiet little world that surrounds me. Remember it was Mighty Mo that alarmed me of my neighbor’s New Year’s house fire!

I had just snipped off the right amount of chives when I saw this husband and wife neighbor team walk toward their car. She was to be driving and so she unlocked the door with her hand held device. He waited by the front door passenger side. She opened the door behind the driver’s side and placed her purse in the seat and closed the door. He stood there, watching her. Surely, she had unlocked the door for him to get it? It was pushing 90 degrees already today and it wasn’t noon yet. Get in man! Get out of the sun!

She opened the front driver’s side door again and proceeded to get in and sit down, and then he got in on his side…Wait!? HOLD THE PHONE! Could he have waited for her to get in first and sit before he went in????

Now that is true old school…and that is very very nice.


Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Add a little Oregano, Chives and Basel and that’s one heck of an herb garden. I have mint that has just take over the west side of my house. A lot of what I have in my yard actually comes from my co workers. Every year, once a week in May, staff divide and conquer their yards and bring plants, grasses, herbs and other vegetation into the library  in bags and pots to sell for practically nothing. All proceeds go back to our Staff Association for cookies on Library Workers Day or our pitch in lunch and what not.

I personally love that sale. My whole yard is practically landscaped from library staff. I do a walk about every morning with my cup of coffee and crocks, checking out my yard to see how much “debi” has grown, or if “kathy” has flowered yet. I know, I’m strange like that. I’m cursed with a memory like an elephant so I know who brought in what. “connie” was sickly one year so I had to miracle grow her back to health. Now, she blooms beautiful daisies like she did before.

I’ve been in my job almost 10 years and have been actively part of this sale about 5 years. One of our staff is a  Master Gardner so I took some time last year to ask her questions and take copious notes regarding what to expect and where to replant in my yard. She was right on. My yard is taking shape, is very beautiful and very colorful.

I have fallen out with some of the staff members but this time of year, when my yard is in full bloom, I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt and maintain a kind and professional working nature. If they can take the time to nurture something so beautiful as a daisy, or fragile as columbine and share it….

Can they really be that bad???

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