Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

I spend quite a bit of time at the gas station. The number one reason is that I drive a very large SUV. The other reason is that I’m on the go…alot. I’ve never eaten a gas station breakfast sandwhich, or a corn dog, pizza or hot dog, but I have had my fair share of slushies.

I’m not the kind of diva that comes out with two Mountain Dews under my arm pits either. I don’t do the dew. I wasn’t raised that way…What I will come out with is the usual lottery ticket, scratch off or Powerball, a few pennies I’ll grab off the floor or the pavement (my best day was a $10 bill!) and gum. Usually, lots and lots of variety of gum.

One of the most interesting things that I have noticed over time is the instruction on the pumps. As an avid reader, library worker and absorber of useless information, I read everything from cereal boxes to gas pumps, and my latest trips to the pump have been a little disturbing, not because of the prices, but because I think big gas business may be taking advantage of people…in more ways then we think…

The first time I noticed, I had done my prepay, was walking out to the truck, popped a piece of Mentos gum in my mouth and assumed the usual stance of gas pumping, the removal of the gas cap, the grabbing of the nozzle and then I saw it…the instructions of how to pump gas…all in drawings. Drawings you’d see maybe for those that don’t speak English, or can’t read, or aren’t from this country.

The hand is pressing on the most expensive gas. I thought, well, it’s just pressing on the last button, which happens to be the premium. Not so, in all my gas pumping ventures since then, I’ve noticed that sometimes, the premium is the second button, or the first, or the fourth, and all the photos are displaying the hand pressing the most expensive.

Hmmmm….very interesting.


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