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{May 3, 2011}   Feeding frenzy…

April showers may be good for May flowers but it sure is wreaking havoc on my fave sport of baseball. I actually got a very nasty ear infection last week from being outside in the wind and the wet. Something nasty set up camp in my ear canal and it sure was evil.

Not only was I in and out of work with some serious pain and cotton balls sticking out of my head like I was in the fields of Tara with Scarlett, but I had to deliver 24 meals to the baseball team before their game. What happened to the day when kids took their own food and took care of themselves. Why… oh why do we feel we must feed entire armies of sports teams with snacks and treats and now whole meals?

I had “volunteered” (made to is more like it) to be food diva for this particular game. It fit my schedule at the time but I didn’t count on being down for the count that week.

In between the pain and the cotton and the headache and the earache and coming in to work because it’s just easier to come in to work then reschedule and the wind and the rain…I had to make assembly line 24 meals complete with drink. While others were just “buying” their way out of it with Chick Filet and Arby’s…I was in shock on who could afford that. Can’t I just throw 4 loaves of white bread and a couple jars of Jif into the bus window and drive away? Drink out of a hose when you get to the field…you’ll be ok!!

I got my basics, set up the line of boxes and snacks and added them into the sacks. Done. All ready to deliver, I’m in the truck ready to back out and speed away and then I get the text…

Game Canceled because of rain….fields too wet to play. I was rescheduled to “volunteer” the meals another day. When that day comes, those boys are getting 4 loaves of white bread and 2 jars of Jif thrown through the bus window…and all they will see is me speeding away…



It’s Earth Day and my small little community is in a Flood Alert. The rain rain rain came down down down. I actually think I saw Pooh Bear bottom up floating by my office window in his Honey Jar.

I was bummed. Even our Earth Day people took to the high ground off the town square. They were supposed to be handing out tree saplings and splitting hostas. Maybe they did and I just missed them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they took cover from the down pour. Gardeners and Earthy People are hearty folk, but even they are susceptible to the sniffle, then again, I’m sure they can find some sort of herb concoction to mend them.

I think I’m going to do some volunteer stuff with them this spring. They contacted me and are doing some clean ups around town. Now’s the time when you really notice litter and junk. Snow is gone, and leaves haven’t filled out the bushes yet so you can really see the plastic cups, straws, lids, and junk that strewn all over the place.

My co-worker the other day was so frustrated with our parking lot, I saw him out my window with a little grabber and bucket cleaning up the joint. He saw a need and went out there and took care of it.

If we all did that, wouldn’t it be a better place?

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