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{December 8, 2010}   Super-Heros and Side-Kicks

Some things just always go together. Bread and Butter, Chips and Dip, Beer and Pretzels, Coffee and Donuts…

Here at the library it’s  Marc and Jot. Jot has volunteered with Marc in the computer lab for just about the past two years. As Marc mans the phones and class sign ups, Jot is answering questions in the lab, assisting patrons on their resume, helping with prints and saving documents and doing some find and seek. Jot’s help frees up Marc’s time to focus on tasks at the desk.

With recent schedule changes, Marc was transferred to the front Circulation Desk. When Marc was transferred, so was Jot. I was surprised at first to see Jot volunteering in a different department. He initially told me he wanted to volunteer in the lab, help patrons with computer questions and learn new skills. When I saw him assisting at the front desk under Marc’s guidance I asked him if he was going to go upstairs to the lab. He said, “Wherever Marc is, I’m going to help him.” Now, that’s volunteer loyalty! Then again, wherever Marc is even I want to be there! Marc is fun, funny and has great stories to share.

It occurred to me then that volunteers not only must like their tasks for retention…they should like the staff they are working with. He liked the lab, but he liked working with Marc more. Now, he can learn new tasks, continue to enjoy the company of our staff, and help us all at the same time.

What a Happy Day!


{November 16, 2009}   Creating a Volunteer Connection

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