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{November 25, 2009}   Communicating with Volunteers

{November 25, 2009}   Literacy and ESL Volunteers

I manage the volunteers out of the Library Outreach Department. As part of the library outreach into our community, we have Literacy, Programming, Mobile Outreach, Story Telling, Technology Classes and Volunteers. My office is in our Literacy Suite so I have close connection to our Literacy Manager. She does her own thing with her volunteers, but I try and match and connect them to her when I can. A main focus is ESL classes, but recently, she’s been coordinating with our Community Correction Facility with Adult Literacy and one on one tutoring.

Talk about AMAZING! Talk about CHANGING LIVES!  The volunteers that work through her area are increasing and enhancing English skills as well as Reading skills. She also has volunteers who work through Intercambio, a virtual volunteer experience that develops and supports English skills through social networking.

Library volunteering is not just about putting books away my friends. It’s getting out there and making a difference!

Its coming in to the library and working with ESL students with day to day  conversation, helping someone fill out an application, study for a drivers exam and so much more! It’s good stuff! Feel good stuff!

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