Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

I’m the hippest Volunteer Manager in the Library World, this side of the Mississippi.  I come from such a diverse background. Who would have thought Public Relations, Retail, Management, Journalism, Radio, Teaching and Academia would lead me onto the career path of Volunteer Management?

I have been a volunteer almost my whole life.  I remember going with my mom before I was in school and  helping her staple the PTO directory together. I helped grade papers for  my teachers, I went out and weeded the yard without being told, I carried Nick Cocetti’s lunch tray in 4th grade when he was on crutches after breaking his ankle falling from the monkey bars at recess.

I’m that Chick that wants to go out and do good, but I’m also that Diva that knows what she wants and what makes a good manager. In this blog, you’ll see both sides.

Come share with me stories, experiences and everything under the sun that makes our jobs different every single day. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll have the “aha” moment that we all search for. Let’s make each others lives and jobs easier..when the Volunteer Manager is happy…the Volunteers are happy!


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