Library Diva's Guide to Volunteering…

Even with the sun shining, a smile on my face and a flower in my hair, you can almost always count on me wearing black.

I walked in to my closet this morning and wondered what I should wear. The black shirt, black dress, black pants, black sandals, black capris or black jacket. I put on a black tank under a maroon jacket and I felt that it was too bright.

I think I let black be my canvas and I allow my color to be my personality. A smile adds tons of color, a sense of humor is like a splash of rainbow, a spring flower in your hair just brightens up a room.

Oh well, I’ll just continue to wear my black and just accessorize with me…:)


Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Add a little Oregano, Chives and Basel and that’s one heck of an herb garden. I have mint that has just take over the west side of my house. A lot of what I have in my yard actually comes from my co workers. Every year, once a week in May, staff divide and conquer their yards and bring plants, grasses, herbs and other vegetation into the library¬† in bags and pots to sell for practically nothing. All proceeds go back to our Staff Association for cookies on Library Workers Day or our pitch in lunch and what not.

I personally love that sale. My whole yard is practically landscaped from library staff. I do a walk about every morning with my cup of coffee and crocks, checking out my yard to see how much “debi” has grown, or if “kathy” has flowered yet. I know, I’m strange like that. I’m cursed with a memory like an elephant so I know who brought in what. “connie” was sickly one year so I had to miracle grow her back to health. Now, she blooms beautiful daisies like she did before.

I’ve been in my job almost 10 years and have been actively part of this sale about 5 years. One of our staff is a¬† Master Gardner so I took some time last year to ask her questions and take copious notes regarding what to expect and where to replant in my yard. She was right on. My yard is taking shape, is very beautiful and very colorful.

I have fallen out with some of the staff members but this time of year, when my yard is in full bloom, I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt and maintain a kind and professional working nature. If they can take the time to nurture something so beautiful as a daisy, or fragile as columbine and share it….

Can they really be that bad???

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